As the age of information technologies (IT) progresses, the need for physical storage space is gradually diminishing. Users use Network-based cloud storage to easily and securely access the data they want to keep. Unlike physical storage devices, cloud storage can be accessed from anywhere the internet can be accessed, and data can be stored securely with passwords set by the users themselves. This eliminates the worries of loss, theft or malfunction of physical storage devices. This personal or corporate data on the Internet also provides convenience when it is desired to be transferred to another user. In addition, storage options are offered according to the needs of the users.

With the development of software as a service, businesses had the opportunity to try cloud solutions at cheaper costs. With the growth of infrastructure and platform services, the number of cloud solutions in the public and private sectors has increased as well. Companies are trying to integrate cloud computing into their business processes in order to simplify their operations and provide their services to their customers more easily.

As a result of the increase in the use of cloud computing services in the business world, there has been a direct increase in the cloud storage area. Therefore, service providers have increased their storage capacity. Considering that each year more data is produced than the previous one, it can be figured that more data will be produced in 2018 in the light of technological developments. Prices will fall with increasing storage space and service providers will be able to offer special storage options. This means cost reduction for companies dealing with big data.

To explain the general reasons for the increasing popularity of cloud computing today: 

Application Variety:

Cloud systems are available on the market as you can drown in the abundance of options and these cloud systems are accepted by the companies. In a diverse environment, companies have the opportunity to choose these applications according to their business plan.
Moreover, these applications continue to develop for their users.

Low Monthly License Prices:

Diversity brings competition, and developers have to ensure both user satisfaction and wide availability.  Licenses obtained monthly or yearly according to the annual plan of the company provide the companies with the opportunity to access packages of the desired size and feature.

Reducing Hardware Cost:

Having a virtual system means getting rid of a physical burden. This system, which can be updated according to the license option of the user and does not take concrete space, reduces the hardware cost. However, this hardware saving can also be perceived as software expense, which is natural for this perception to occur. You do not just pay a physical storage device for storage space. At the same time you give money for the physical pattern. When selling this physical device, not only the storage space, but also the financial expenses like the external case, cabling, installation of things are taken into account. Since there are no such concerns in the software environment, packages can be accessed in a cheaper way and it naturally enables saving in general.

Accessibility Anytime Anywhere:

 Because it is beyond physical limits, it is possible to access your data from anywhere you access the internet.  You do not have to stick to a single platform. You can also access and even edit your data from smart phones as well as computers.

Current Version and Saving:

Cloud systems are evolving day by day and come with more innovative versions every time. It is out of question to give money to this new version, just like buying a new floppy disk. Because it is software, it is developed faster, cheaper and more efficiently. This provides user satisfaction on all sides.

Cloud storage has advantages in every field today and these advantages bring success, satisfaction and efficiency. Naturally, the Cloud Usage rate is increasing day by day. This increase paves the way for many virtualization initiatives that we will face in the coming years and has a say in its own behalf in the progress of humanity. You have no reason not to prefer cloud storage except you don't use a computer.

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