Secure Cloud Storage is one of the new concepts that we are beginning to hear in this world where the impact of technology is felt more and more. We have crossed paths with this concept recently. Have you heard of Secure Cloud Storage before? If you're hearing it for the first time, or if you're saying, "I’ve heard of it but I don't know exactly what it works for, or I don't know what it's used for," we explain it for you in this article.

Especially in these days when cyber attacks, data losses and violations are increasing, backing up and keeping our files safe has become much more important. If you say that these attacks do not happen to me, much simpler events in everyday life (you can read from our articles about data loss) can cause damage to your files and loss of data. The only way to prevent these losses is to back up your files regularly. Although there are many different ways to do this, the most common one is to back up and store files via USB memory sticks or hard drives, but the risks of forgetting these devices anywhere, getting into someone else's hands or not working properly due to technical reasons jeopardize the security of your files. 

Another method is to use a cloud storage service. What is this cloud storage? Cloud storage is a no installation required storage service that allows you to back up, store, and easily access your files from any device, anywhere. Looks more reliable than the previous method, doesn't it? Moreover, there is no risk of being lost, forgotten anywhere or deteriorated, but there is another danger of this method, which is not negligible. Your files that you store in cloud storage can be attacked and intercepted by a third party and misused. If you ask, “so what do we do in this situation?”. Let's remove the question marks in your mind immediately. All you need to do is use a secure cloud storage service because secure cloud storage services use an encryption method (cryptology) to protect your files after you upload them. This eliminates the risk that your files will be compromised by third parties. Thus, even if the person thinks that they have seized your files, they will encounter the encrypted files and will not be able to view their contents when they download them. Therefore, when choosing a cloud service for backing up and storing your files, you should also ensure that it is a secure cloud storage service that takes care of your data security.

Considering that 70% of irreversible data losses are not caused by data loss, but because of false and unconscious interventions made after that event, storing your files on cloud platforms will save you from taking your place in this 70%. If you haven't backed up your data yet, or if you're looking for a secure service to back up, you can start backing up with Docunox, the secure cloud storage service, and take the first step to avoid data loss!
While you're backing up your data to keep it safe, we'll be preparing our next article about many other advantages of cloud storage, and together we say “with Docunox, no more data loss!” .

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