Data loss, which is one of the most common problems today, can be caused by many different reasons; such as human error, system failure, adverse environmental conditions, and errors in the device. Which do you think comes first? Here are the 10 factors that cause data loss:

1) Human Error

The first factor that causes data loss is human error. For businesses, these errors can cause unintentional deletion of their digital files or texts. Employees may inadvertently overwrite important files or delete the information necessary for your business.

2) Viruses and Malware

Viruses and malware also cause data loss. For businesses, viruses can steal or delete data. This may impair the functionality of the company. Personal information is usually obtained through e - mails. These viruses or malware then enter the computer system and damage the files.

3) Hard Drive Damage

The majority of data losses are caused by hardware failures, one of which is hard drive damage. Hard drives are the most fragile parts of computers, and about 140,000 hard drives crash every week. This can also be caused by overheating of the computers due to prolonged use, or dust accumulation in the computers.

4) Power Outages

Power outage is another factor that causes data loss and can cost a major downtime in operations and shut down devices without warning. Even if you don't lose data during an electrical outage, faulty shutdowns can bring out permanent problems on computer hard drives. If power outages occur frequently, the life of a hard drive will be greatly reduced and the risk of failure will be greater. 

5) Computer Theft

Computer or laptop theft is a serious risk. In modern workplaces, more and more people are interacting with technology. This usually means they work from laptops or smartphones instead of PCs. In addition to data loss, laptop theft is a risk of data breach. 

6) Liquid Damage

Fluid damage is also a major problem. Spilling coffee or water on your computer may cause a short circuit. This may make it difficult to recover the data stored in it. The situation becomes even more serious if your computer is completely submerged in some way. Although it may seem to work well after spilling liquid on the computer, internal damage may cause the computer to short-circuit in the future, causing permanent damage. If coffee or beverages are not cleaned properly after spilling, the computer may become corroded, creating a risk of data loss.

7) Natural disasters

Natural disasters can cause irreparable damage to the business if the data is not backed up. It can completely destroy your computer, your data, and even your business.  To ensure you can continue, and to minimize the effects of a disaster, back up your data weekly and keep your digital files in a safe place.

8) Operating System Crash

Operating System crush can cause serious problems like losing valuable data. When the operating system crashes, it may not start again. This means that you cannot access the data stored in the software.

9) Formatting

It may cause data loss during the process of formatting your computer. Data loss during this process can also occur during system updates. Failure to access your files and documents may cause panic.

10) Hackers

Hackers also cause data loss in both data security and encryption. In recent years, hacking and data breaches have become a much more common problem. This requires high-level cyber security measures. Unauthorized guests in your network can cause serious damage to your data, delete or steal data. If they have sufficient access to your system, they can damage all your network operations.

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