Secure Cloud Storage

Manage your digital files safely and easily from anywhere you want 24/7

More Than A Drive

With Docunox like other drives, you can back up, transfer and share your files with your team.

Your Gain: Extra Security - Easy To Use

Digital Transformation

With Docunox, you can step into digital transformation thus, you can bring speed, safety and easiness in your business.

Your Gain: Saving On time - Saving Money

Have A Tree

Docunox donate sapling on behalf of you for every package you buy, and transmit the digital certificate of donation to you.

Our Gain: Breathability

Easy to Use

Creating a user friendly interface is one of our priorities.

Simple is Beauty

We know that time is money. That is why Docunox is designed as simple as possible. You will not waste your time for extra clicks.


What Can You Do With Docunox?

Experience a different cloud storage with user-friendly interface.

You can backup your files.

You can share files and folders with your team.

With one click, you can send files to your customers' e-mail address.

You can create online document, and work with your team on same document without any confusion.

You can version your files and with one click, you can get old versions whenever you want.

With OCR technology, you can transfer all text in your scanned documents to the digital platform and editing on it.

You can view JPG, PNG and ODF(OpenDocument Format) files on browser, without download to your computer

What Can You Do with Docunox?

How Docunox Provide Your Data Security?

Just focus on your work. We will take care of your data security.

Each file you upload to Docunox is encrypted with a private key and stored on our servers.

No other user than you can irreversibly delete your files that have been uploaded to your Docunox account.

If you wish to use the IP limitation feature, you can only allow your account to be connected from specific IP addresses (home, office, etc.).

You can easily manage the authorization of team members' access to files and folders from one place.

With notifications, you can keep track of when files you send to your customers and team members are viewed or downloaded.

You can terminate access to files which you send to your team or customers at any time.

With the detailed log system, you can view all the actions your team members perform.

What Can You Do with Docunox?

Secure Data Center

Within our data security mission, we not only protect your files with algorithms that we have developed, but also store your data on DigitalOcean servers that have important security standards around the world.

ISO 27001
Privacy Shield Framework

Create Your Safe Zone in 3 Minutes!