Docunox has some features that make your life easier.

Keep your files safe

Your files that you upload to Docunox are encrypted and stored with a special algorithm, in case of a possible cyber attack, your data is be prevented from changing hands.

Access your files when you want

With cloud storage, you can access your backed-up and stored files anywhere and at any time.

Versioning your files easily

The changes you make to each file for which you have modified its contents are recorded separately. Thus, you can access to the wanted version of the document you selected with one click.

Indite your images to text

Uploading the image of your scanned document to Docunox, you can directly transform the text in the image into a digital document.

Create & manage your team

You can create your team easily, you can dispose of the burden of sending files authorising to your team members that you want to be able to view your uploaded files

Share files with your guests too

People that are out of your team, who you want to share files, identified as 'Guest'. You can also send files to your guests. When they click on the link, Docunox sends you a notification.

Keep under control

Using Docunox's "IP limitation feature", you can manage people in your team to access files from anywhere you want.

Don't contend with backup

As long as you do your file sending and receiving with Docunox, you don't have to spend time on backing up as well.

Create Your Safe Zone in 3 Minutes!