From education to health, from industry to trade, from agriculture to finance, one of the most up-to-date concepts that come to mind is Digital Transformation. What is digital transformation? How does it affect our lives and change it? Digital transformation, in its most general definition, is the use of technology by firms in all of their processes in order to adapt their brands to our age. In other words, we can say that these are the processes by which companies make new decisions to develop and renew their business processes and implement them and adapt to innovations.

It is obvious that those who cannot adapt to digitalization are left behind at a time while the world is changing rapidly and everyone's access to all kinds of information and products is increasing. Digitalization is not just for companies or institutions. Individuals are also trying to keep up with digitalization at the same time and speed.We all use mobile applications, shop on the internet, are influenced by the shares made on social media accounts and even shape our preferences according to these shares. Companies, even some government agencies that become aware of this situation, use their social media accounts actively and focus on  mobile applications.As a consumer or a follower, when we first hear about a company, a brand, we visit their websites and view their social media accounts in order to have information about them. We are surprised even by companies that do not have a social media account. In fact, we all know that companies are not obligated to take part in social channels or there is no law saying that they should, but we have adopted digitalization so much that we do not accept it as something natural. Therefore, changing consumer behavior and customer expectations force the companies to determine this process, their products and services as to keep pace with change.

Government agencies also made mobile phone applications to keep pace with the digitalization process and make citizens' lives easier. We can handle many of our transactions in government offices without leaving our home with the help of the services offered by the state to the citizens in electronic environment. For the transactions required us to go to the government office, we make an appointment beforehand on the internet sites of these institutions, thus avoiding the long queues and waiting periods in the state institutions.

As a result, we are not talking about a process that will stop when we reach a certain point when we say digitalization, we are talking about a dynamic process that is constantly developing and changing. Therefore, even those who have already taken steps in this process have to continue to improve and renew themselves. he speed of change in some areas can be much faster than others due to the expectations of consumers and customers. We can say that those who keep up with the digital transformation and make important investments, will increase their earnings so they will have their place among winners, and those who cannot keep up will be among the losers because of staying behind the age.

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