With the surprisingly rapid development of technology has caused security gaps have come up and various measures have to be taken against these problems. One of these measures is to encrypt the data. 

Let's start by explaining the words used to describe the encryption method. The word cryptography, is derived from the words cryptos, which means hidden, and graphi, which means text in Greek. This writing science is called cryptology which is the science of cipher. Cryptology is actually a science of mathematics and is concerned with number theories. Cryptography is the conversion of text or text into a meaningless form based on a rule to prevent others from reading it. The concept of cryptology dates back four thousand years. An Egyptian clerk, thought to be the first cryptologist, encoded hieroglyphs (an ancient writing system) while storing information. After Egyptians, It is known that Spartans and King Caesar used this method. Particularly in World War II, the information that is of great importance for the strategies of the countries has been concealed by using different encryption methods for the purpose of being kept confidential and sent to the recipients. Today this method is mostly used for the security in technology. Again, as in the old times, the purpose of use is to prevent code of texts or software from being copied or changed. his way, when you encounter a cryptic text or string of code, you will be confronted with a complex character image that will seem meaningless to you, but your computer will run these software smoothly. There are more than one method used for encryption. Among these methods, the best known of all is Caesar Encryption. This method, which perhaps many of us have heard before, but does not know the exact name, is created by mixing the location of the letters or by replacing the letter with another letter / character. These methods are performed by the specialists who skilled in the art.

What is the benefit of using this method in technology?

Suppose your files that you have backed up and stored on the Internet have been attacked by a third party. The attacker will be able to access the contents of your files which may be vital to you, as soon as they can access and download these files, Nobody wants to face such a situation, of course, but there are always risks on the internet. We also know that these risks have continued to increase recently. For these reasons, it is very important for your data security that you choose the platforms that provide you an extra security measure by using encryption when backing up your files. Thus, even if you are at risk, the attacker will never really be able to capture your important data because all he will get is files that are encrypted, mixed or meaningless.

Can an attacker decrypt your files?

We can ensure you that it is nearly impossible becouse it is a process that will take many long years. The process of converting your open text, your file, into encrypted text means encrıption The process of decoding encrypted text, which is the opposite, is also called decryption. These operations are carried out with a key specified between the two parties. This key is also needed to decrypt and restore the text to its original state. Therefore, even if the attacker gets the file, this person will not be able to decrypt it because he does not have the key to which the file is encrypted. 
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