We often hear how people are deceived by the methods used in Internet and telephone fraud. If we say that this situation is seen as an art. We seem to hear you say, "Art? What is the relevance?" This art is called Social Engineering. Now you must be surprised, "Engineering?" Yes, the art of deception is called social engineering, but this is not the engineering concept you know. Let's explain exactly what it means.

Social Engineeringis a computer hacking method. It means collecting information about the target institution or people by exploiting carelessness of people. You don't have to be a politician, a rich factory owner or a well-known person to be the target of these attackers. Attackers randomly select their victims. They try to deceive you by using a variety of methods to capture the information you need to log in to the systems of the services you use. With this important data they capture, you and your systems are in danger. 

What methods do they use to capture your data?

  • They collect information about you in areas such as your interests, your shopping habits, and send you emails that may interest you. If you thought, "Where do they gather this information?", They don't need to make a huge effort. Many of us share this information with our own consent in our social media accounts. For example, you are interested in mountain climbing, you like and follow the pages that share about mountaineering. The attacker who learns this data sends you an e-mail about these contents. "If you haven't seen our new outdoor boots yet, just click on the link below to see it now!". Did you succumb to your curiosity and click? This link had been added to a fake page for the purpose of stealing your data, and "boom" it is already in the hands of the attacker.
  • Congratulations! You won an Iphone X. To receive your gift, enter your phone number in the box below and enter the code, in the message you have received, in the box below. You're excited, aren't you? Who doesn't like gifts, but the truth is entirely different and ugly. It was an attacker's way of getting your phone number. Attackers can try to trick you, not just by mail, but by phone. Using the above methods, they can trick you into telling you that they are calling you on behalf of any organization or trying to learn from you. Imagine giving your information with an instant carelessness, and what can happen next. In general, people think that these kinds of things never happen to them but this thought is what causes later headaches. 
    Let's talk about a few things you need to pay attention to in order to avoid such problems.
  • Keep in mind that promises that look too good are unlikely to be true!
  • Attackers use your information to scare you into demanding money through threats. Don't be fooled by these threats!
  • "You have won a gift", "We have photos of you with inappropriate content, click to see which ones", do not click on the links in the mails sent.

Attackers can come up with many different methods because the methods of attack in social engineering are more about the imagination of the attacker than on technical knowledge. They may take advantage of your carelessness and seize your information at a time when you never expect it, perhaps you are their next target.

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